OK, so this week we are going to use the same Monkey Rescue game we have been working on the past two weeks and add some new custom features. The goal is to make sure we are really familiar with Scratch and basic computer programming concepts.


Please do the following challenges one at a time as directed by Mr. Whelpley:

Challenge #1 –┬áSound

For your first challenge, change the sound for when the monkey is rescued. You can change it to anything you want.

If you complete this quickly, as a bonus, try to record your own custom sound and use that instead of one of the ones pre-built into Scratch.

Challenge #2 – Key Events

Now change the key used to make the cat fly up. By default it is the space bar. Change it to anything else. For example, the up arrow key.

As a bonus, add an extra key event which sends the cat down very quickly.

Challenge #3 – Variables

Add code to the cat so that if the cat touches a cloud, it loses a life. You can right click on the code for when the cat touches a building and duplicate it.

As a bonus, make the cloud change color when the it touches the cat (this code would be in the cloud instead of in the cat).

Challenge #4 – Movement

Change the speed of the building to they come by twice as fast. Hint: you will need to change two values to make this work.

Challenge #5 – Visibility

Add a new key event which makes the cat invisible for 3 seconds (and thus can’t get hurt by anything).

Challenge #6 – Flying Dog

Create a new character, a dog, that flies across the screen quickly. If the dog touches the cat, then the cat loses a life. Breaking down this challenge at a high level you need to:

  1. Create a new sprite for the flying dog
  2. Add code to the dog to make it fly from right to left across the screen
  3. Add code to the cat so that if it touches the dog, the cat loses a life.


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