What are we doing this week?

The agenda for this week is pretty simple: each coder works on their own to add as much functionality to the Robot Turtles game in Scratch as they can before the end of the session. Here are the guidelines:

  • Mr. Whelpley and Mr. Truesdale will explain the challenge briefly but then will not say or do anything more for the rest of the session unless someone needs help.
  • Each coder can make their own decision for which functionality to implement out of the list below. However, they should stick to the list below and not create any other functionality or waste time on things like background colors.
  • Keep track of which pieces of functionality you implement and in the last 10 minutes of class, Mr. Whelpley and Mr. Truesdale will validate that you have implemented the functionality correctly.

Click here to get the Robot Turtles Starter

What are the potential pieces of functionality?

The following is a list of things that need to be implemented in order to complete the Robot Turtles game in scratch. You can implement these in any order you wish.

  • Do something when the turtle reaches the jewel. For example:
    • Play a sound
    • Stop the game
    • Hide the jewel
    • Launch fireworks
    • Have the turtle celebrate by spinning around in a circle
    • All of the above
  • Do something when the turtle tries to move off the board. For example:
    • Move the turtle back on the board
    • Move the turtle back to the starting location
    • Wrap the turtle around to the other side of the board
  • When laser hits box, make the box disappear
  • Add a move counter variable to track the number of moves and display the number
    • Add a low score variable that does not reset with each game. If the move counter when the turtle reaches the jewel is lower than the current value, update the low score
  • Add a second ice tower; Then a third; Make sure any number of new ice towers work the same way
  • Allow the turtle to push around the box
  • When the laser hits a brick wall, make the laser bounce back to the turtle

If you complete all of these and want one more hard challenge, try to implement the function frog. Talk to Mr. Whelpley or Mr. Truesdale about how this may be implemented.

Jeff Whelpley

CTO at GetHuman, Google Developer Expert, AI and Angular Boston meetup organizer

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